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Ki Manteb Soedharsono was born on Tuesday, 31 August 1948 in Jatimalang, Palur Village, Mojolaban, Sukoharjo, Central Java. Ki Manteb was born and raised in a family of puppeteers and puppeteers blood famous flowing in his blood (DALANG TUS), his grandfather was the famous puppeteer, and his father Ki Brahim Hardjowijoyo was a puppeteer that was highly respected in its heyday, while his mother was a singer and experienced gamelan musician.

Since his childhood, Ki Manteb Soedharsono very laborious and diligent tracked the performance of his parent. His children's experiences that are so familiar with the complexities of the world puppet have formed Ki Manteb is so rich with memory of  world leather puppets. Discipline of his father in educating him making small Manteb capacity and skills continue to grow. At the age of 5 years he has been able to play the puppet and some gamelan instruments like demung, bonang and kendang. Encrusting the leather puppet taught by Ki Hardjo Brahim too. No wonder if at the age of 10 years stepped Ki Manteb able to encrust good leather puppets.

Requirement and challenge of his father to continue the lineage dynastiqueof famous puppeteer stimulated young Manteb struggled seriously, spur and practices. ki manteb also lives in the behavior of strong javanese spritiulity.
At the relatively young age (14 years) Ki Manteb could play all the instruments of gamelan. He used to be known as a talented kendang (Javanese percussion)_ player and often accompany the puppet show that was held by an old puppeteer, Ki Warsino from Baturetno, Wonogiri. He rose advantage of the opportunity to learn puppetry  to Ki Warsino. He also studied at other senior puppeteers like: Ki Narto Sabdo and Ki Sudarman Gondodarsono who so expert in motions puppet.

Ki Manteb Soedharsono at the age of 18 years began to suffer his profession as a puppeteer. His completeness of and supported by extensive knowledge and mastery of gamelan aransement make his career as a puppeteer continued to rise. In 1982 Ki Manteb become a winner of puppet festival in Solo. This achievement made his name shine more. His motions puppet skillfull that spectacular, beautiful, atractive and entertaining to deliver his success as famous puppet master with the call “Dalang Setan“ – Demon Puppetmaster. Ki Manteb performs in classic style but is rich in innovation, beautiful, fresh and actual. He is a pioneer in the introduction of innovations in visualization of leather puppet show. Experts in the creation of puppets gesture and body language through variety of  smart motions puppet, fresh and sensational thus created online shadow puppets becomes more convincing vision. Like examples: motions puppet in the battle, dance or  daily motions puppet.

Various elements of modern performances have been adopted to enrich the nuances of the performances without losing the essence and nuance keketalan Java. Screen space more beautiful, artistic and dynamic with the support of lighting system creativity which designed specially. In terms of musical arrangements, Ki Manteb is the initiator who bring modern music instruments into  the puppets show, for example, drums, violins, trumpets, cymbals. Its making shadow puppet show be more interesting and dynamic.

Despite the emphasis on the visual beauty but the force of Ki Manteb’s performace style eventually emerged as the spectacle is not only entertaining, but also provide a space for people to create a reflective dialogue with the realities faced life together, filled with good moral messages in the form of criticism against government and citizens, and encourage the spirit of optimistic expectations for the public audience in every time for the show, Ki Manteb always trying to interpret and reinterpret the play is presented. Not infrequently Ki Manteb also adopted a pattern of grooves dramaturgy in the film compilations puppet play, such as the use of flashback flow. Arranging the plot that has contextual issues or conditions that developed in the community make his performances always up to date.

Intense creativity and innovation performed by Ki Manteb can bring the puppet shows to be big performances and seen by thousands of people. That's incredible popularity inspired medicinal products "Oskadon" makes Ki Manteb as a brand image to increase sales turnover. With the tekline of "Oskadon Pancen Oye", and the result was fantastic, marketing turnover  increase more than 400%. Cooperation which has lasted from 1990 until now to make this product very closely with Ki Manteb image. Dubbed the "Dalang Oye" given to him by the community.

And to top the popularity of which still surviving till  today, His spectators spread across various regions in Indonesia, not only in Java but also outside of Java. He had thousands of performances with different intentions and interest rates, such as to show ruwatan, party celebrations, political campaigns or some performances to  promote for various government programs such as Family Planning (KB), Anti-HIV-AIDS and Drugs, elections other socializations. And some of his performances the phenomenal repertoirs, such as “Banjaran Bima”,“Ciptoning”, “Wiratha Parwa”, “Dewa Ruci” and others. A special lakon "Celeng Degleng" is one of  his special performance. He try to play  by adapted and intrepet the painting series of Djoko Pekik “ Berburu Celeng” that illustrated the fall of the Soeharto regime,

Some performances abroad have ever done by Ki Manteb like in: United States, Spain, Germany, Japan, Surinam, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Hungary and Austria. And when the art of puppet as defined by UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Ki Manteb was selected to represent Indonesian Puppeteers comunity to accept the award.

Several awards ever received by Ki Manteb, like in n 1995, he received an award of President Suharto as “Satya Lencana Kebudayaan”. In 2004, Ki Manteb granteb  by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) because his amazing performance with long duration: 24 hours 28 minutes without a break. And in the year 2010 Ki Manteb received Award: "Nikkei Asia award Award 2010" in the field of the arts & culture because his significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of the culture of Indonesia, especially shadow puppet.

In the creative works process, Ki Manteb very open in response to a fixed rule ' prototype'. ' According Ki Manteb, “Pakem” or standard rules can be changed with the stipulation that the change is still embraced aspects of justice, decency and keep the rhythm of life also obey and respect the values inherent in the life. and his open attitude what he believes will always create the wave of reform in world of wayang kulit. And the creativity and innovation created by Ki Manteb Soedharsono has shown a strong influence on the direction of the development of the performing arts, wayang kulit. Many creations approved creations and became the center of inspiration to the younger puppeteers. The wealth of knowledge, experience, and his journey in creative exploration like an oasis that never dried up to be shared.

(excerpted from the book: Profile Pakeliran Ki Manteb Soedharsono; Menjadikan Wayang Enak Dipandang & Buku Ki Manteb “Dalang Setan”)


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